Looking at the friendship I’ve grown with others, all these attachments and feelings of someone by your side. If someone ever asks me about any friendship? I would say standing beside a friend, having their back so that can safely rely on you, fall back knowing when they are sure, understanding what the other person is feeling without having to say it out loud and clear in your face.

Then, there are few friends I would basically call “ Formality friends”, we see them every day just a hello is enough from their side. whether they stand beside you or do not think you a good friend does not matter, although looking at them is an everyday routine but things with them do not matter because formal friend comes and goes just like a passerby.

Then comes fake friends good at faces and bitches at back, holding grudges and slamming the door at faces are their specialty. They belong in the group of an attention seeker if they feel they are not getting enough attention, the next moment they are switching sides be it your rival, they care less about you enmity and more about attention. I call it “Attention seekers”.

Now let's talk about those special friends even if you text them even after a month or even a year, they are eager to help you out. those friends are like jewels. keep them safe.

I have seen my friends seeking care never telling or sharing if I had done something wrong instead of reaching out to me and sharing problems, informing me what I did was wrong. They hold grudges leaving me clueless. You can only clear things when you know you have made a mistake but if the other person is holding onto the little things and never is sharing thinking it is best for both of you then dear trust me you are walking in the wrong direction. If you are going through something say it in the face “come on, man up”, I cannot deny it would definitely hurt but it will not hurt as much as losing the only friend a person can. Fix things when there is time left, learn to hold on to things instead of giving up on everything. I know it is an easy way out not about thinking about what is best for both of us. That is called running finding someone else shelter is the last thing you can do to hurt. You do not feel it because you would never know trying to balance things can be hard. While trying to make one happy another person just slips away from your hand, what other people do is look at their pain, and only their loneliness matters to them. You might never realize how selfish you have grown looking for company and how it might affect another person when you tell them you have your group because they could never give the care you needed. Is it really because of care? did that person change or is it due to those little things that you could never let go of? if things change in a year of friendship then I guess we were never meant to be friends when you are letting go of the hand you held for a year and suddenly comes ego, grudges then I guess you were just a passerby than of a friend. Balming one side does not work, maybe there were times when I could not be there for you but is it right that you held on to things. the storyline could be different only if for a once you complained about things instead of thinking it would be ok. only if I would have given it a little more thought, I guess you might at this point see things going haywire and now instead of holding on to me a little more you rather decide to let go of me instead of trying but does it matter anymore? of course no why would it, you rather cut the bruised parts than trying to apply ointments to it. I accepted my scars bruised with the thought of you as my friend, I was wrong to have thought you a permanent member while you were just meant to be a lesson, a chapter of my life. thankyou for holding onto me for a year. GLAD.

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